Custom Sub-Domain

If you're planning to run your job board alongside an outside home page, using a custom sub-domain may be your best option. Setting up a custom sub-domain is quick and easy, and keep your brand consistent. If you aren't familiar with DNS configuration, the easiest way to get the required settings in place is to contact your domain provider. They are experts on their system, and will be the best resource to get this setup quickly. Unfortunately, we won't be able to log in to your 3rd-party domain account and manage your DNS settings.

Use the below e-mail template to send a help request to your domain provider's support team. Be sure to use your own domain name in the e-mail.

Please could you update my DNS settings for

I require a CNAME record for "" pointing to ""




Use proxy!

For your CNAME, "" is the required value. In this case, proxy isn't an example value, so this will NOT need to be adjusted to match your site's name.

For your convenience, we've placed contact methods for some of the more common Domain Providers below:


Not on this list?

If your domain provider is not on this list, please copy the suggested instructions and email it directly to their technical support.

Adding Your Custom Sub-Domain to

Once your DNS settings have been updated, you'll need to add your custom sub-domain to This can be done quickly and easily in your Admin Panel.

  1. Navigate to Site Config. Normally this will take you to the Main tab, but if not, click Main
  2. Enter your sub-domain in the Custom Domain field.
  3. Click Save.

Our system will automatically authenticate an SSL certificate for your site. If you don't see that your site is loading with https after 24 hours, please use the chat widget in the bottom right corner of your admin panel to let us know!