Customize Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu is the series of links that appears at the top of the page to direct users to different areas of your job board. You'll be able to customize this menu to direct users to the pages that are most important for your site, and even link to pages on other websites. When you first start your job board, we'll set a default Navigation Menu to get started.

  • All Jobs: Also the home page for your site.
  • Post a Job: Takes Employers to your products page.
  • Employers: Shows a Directory of employers that have created profiles.
  • Browse Profiles: Shows a Directory of job seekers that have created profiles.
  • Jobs Map: Shows the location of each job posted. You must complete the Adding Google Maps Integration if you'd like to utilize this page.
  • About: Tell visitors about yourself! You can edit this page in your admin panel via Pages/Blog.
  • Contact: Let people know how they can contact you! Like this About page, this be edited in the admin panel via Pages/Blog.

Create a new Nav Item

Customizing your navigation menu is an easy way to link candidates and employers to additional resources.

  1. On the admin page, click Site Config in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Open the Themes & Customization tab, and choose Edit Navigation Menu.
  3. Click Create New Nav Item.
  4. Here you'll be able to choose to link to a page on your site, or link to a page on another site.
    • To link to a page, open the Select page dropdown, and select the desired page, then click Save. The Name and URL will be set automatically. If you'd like to set a different Name for the link, click Edit on the item after saving.
    • To link to a page on an outside site, enter the desired Name and the URL for the page. Then click Save.


Keep Links up to Date!

Remember that taking a page down or changing the URL will not update the link in your Nav menu. Be sure to keep these links up to date!

Editing or Deleting Existing Nav Items

As your site progresses, you'll likely find you'll want to make changes to your existing Nav Items, or perhaps even remove them entirely. You'll be able to easily make these types of changes, and adjustments will immediately go live on your site.

  1. On the admin page, click Site Config in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Open the Themes & Customization tab, and choose Edit Navigation Menu.
  3. If you wanted to remove a Nav Item, simply click the corresponding Delete button and the item will be removed. To update the text or URL, click Edit and proceed to step 4.
  4. Update the Name and URL as needed.
  5. Click Save.

Re-order the Nav Menu

We've made adjusting the order of your Navigation Menu simple. The order you see in your admin panel (top to bottom) corresponds to the order you'll see on your site (left to right). To change the order, simply click and hold the Nav Item you wish to move. Then, drag and drop to the location of your choosing. It's that simple! This is similar to the drag and drop functionality you'll see when editing the layout of your home page or products page.

Add a Twitter Follow Button

Adding a Twitter follow to your navigation menu is an easy way to promote your Twitter account.

  1. On the admin page, click Site Config in the left-hand sidebar, and choose the Main tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Twitter Account field, and enter your Twitter username.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Staying under Site Config, Click the Themes & Customization tab.
  5. Click Edit Navigation Menu.
  6. Click Create New Nav Item.
  7. In the Select page dropdown, choose Twitter Follow Widget.
  8. Click Save.