Add Taxes


Stripe Only

Please note this feature is currently only available if you use Stripe as your merchant account provider. supports charging Sales Tax, VAT, or GMT as part of your checkout process. This makes it easy to collect any required taxes up front, and keep you in compliance with any regulations applicable to your business. Unfortunately, the team will not be able to help determine how much your site should charge for tax. If you have any concerns about how much tax you should be charging, please consult qualified professionals in your area.


To enable tax on purchases:

  1. Navigate to E-Commerce -> Settings.
  2. In the Sales Tax field, enter the percentage that should be added to the total as tax.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.

Once Sales Tax has been set up on your site, a line for Tax will be automatically added to the checkout page. Employers will be shown the amounts for the product selected and Tax separately, with a final like for the Total of these two amounts.