Custom Pages & Blogs

Custom Pages and Blogs are a great way to increase the amount of searchable content on your site, and help drive traffic from Google and other search engines. We allow for an unlimited number of Custom Pages and Blogs on our Professional and Enterprise level plans.

To add custom pages and blogs to your

  1. Click Pages/Blogs in the sidebar.
  2. Click Create New Page/Blog Post
  3. In the Page Type drop down, specify whether you're creating Page or a Blog Post. Blog Posts will appear in the listing on your sites Blog page, and allow you to specify an author.
  4. Complete the remainder of the form.
    • Full Page Width?: By default, we'll add a sidebar on the right hand side of the page that displays the Latest Jobs and the Job Alert Sign Up form, if applicable. Change his option to Yes if you'd like to hide the side bar so the Body takes up the full width of the page.
    • Hide Page Title?: This setting is for Pages only, NOT Blogs. Changing the Setting to Yes will remove the title from the page.
    • URL: If you'd like, you can set a custom URL for your page. This may help your URLs appear a bit more SEO friendly. It may take up to 24 hours for the custom URL to activate, so be sure your page is accessible via the custom URL before sharing.
    • Title: Enter the Title for the Page or Blog. This title should be descriptive so you're able to easily determine the use for the page later. For a contact page, you might make the title "Contact".
    • SEO (Meta) Title: Set the Title as you'd like it to appear in Search results.
    • SEO (Meta) Description: Set the description to be used in Search results.
    • Image: Add a cover image for your page if desired.
    • Body: This is where you'll add the content for your page. If you'd like to add HTML directly, click the < > Icon.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you're ready for the page to go live, go ahead and click Publish. You can always come back and do this later if you aren't ready to make your page visible to the public.


Deleting Custom Pages

If you delete a Custom Page that has a corresponding link in your Navigation Menu, be sure to adjust the Menu to remove this link. This could mean pointing the menu item to an alternate page, or removing that item entirely.