Custom Pages & Blogs

Upgrade to Create Unlimited Pages and Blogs!

Upgrade your plan now to unlock the ability to create unlimited custom Pages and Blog content. Custom Pages and Blogs can dramatically increase your level of searchable content and drive additional traffic to your website from Google and other search engines.

To add custom pages and blogs to your

  1. Click Pages/Blogs
  2. Click 'Create New Page'
  3. Select and complete the options displayed below
  4. Press 'Save' then click 'Publish' to display the blog/page on your

Page Type

Select either a page or a blog. Blogs are listed on your blog.

Full Page Width?

Select 'Yes' to hide the sidebar

Hide Page Title?

Select 'Yes' to hide the page title on pages only. Titles will always appear for blogs


Enter your blog or page title here

SEO Title

Enter the blog or page title as you'd like it to appear in search results

SEO Description

Enter the blog or page description as you'd like it to appear in search results


Select an image to display in the blog lists


Write the content for your blog or page here. To add custom HTML, click the </> button.

Deleting Custom Pages

If you delete a Custom Page that has a corresponding link in your Navigation Bar, be sure to adjust the Nav Bar to remove this link. This could mean pointing the Nav Bar to an alternate page, or removing that item from the Nav Bar entirely. The same is true of any other locations where you may have posted the link.

Custom Pages & Blogs

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