Employer Profile Settings

There are a number of additional settings for employer profiles you may choose to enable. To do so, select Employers in the Admin Panel, click the More drop down in the top left, then select Employer Setup.

  • Registration Form Title: Customize the text that appears at the top of the Employer Account registration form.
  • Registration Form Text: Customize the text that appears directly below the Registration Form Title.
  • Welcome Email Text: Customize the body of your welcome e-mails.
  • Require Phone on Registration: Require a phone number when an employer registers. Please note, a phone number will not be required if an employer account is auto-created, such as when an employer posts a job without having previously registered a profile.
  • CC Support on Registration: CC your support address on welcome e-mails for new employers. Be sure that a support e-mail address as been entered under Site Config -> Main.
  • Hide Employers by default: Employer profiles will be hidden unless you set them to visible in the Employer Admin page.
  • Only show Employers with Active Jobs in Directory: If this is enabled, employer profiles will only be shown in the directory if they have at least one active job.
  • Require Employer Approval: Approval will be required before an employer is able to purchase or access products. If the employer account was auto-created after a job posting, you'll need to be sure to approve that job as well.
  • Approval Email Text: If you require Employer Approval, an e-mail will automatically be sent to Employers once you approve their profile. You can customize the text in those approvals here.


Default Messages

Default messages for the text fields are as follows:

Registration Form Title
Create Employer Account

Registration Form Text
By default this section is blank. You can add an additional message if you wish.

Welcome Email Text
Thank you for registering with Your Board Name.
Be sure to complete your profile in order to make job posting even easier!"

Approval Email Text
Your account has been approved