Add a New Job Manually

Time to add some jobs!

What is a job board without its job listings? Although most employers will use the self serve form, some will want you to post on their behalf.

We'll show you how to add a job post, how applicants can apply and how you can view the applicants.

Try it yourself: Adding a job post for a client

Imagine you've just received an important phone call. Apple wants to list a job on your website and they want you to post it straightaway.

  1. Log in to your, then click the Add Job button in the top right

  2. Complete the details, selecting from the wide available options. We’ll be selecting ‘Apply by Email’ so we can manage the applicants for our client. You could put the employers email address there, so they receive applications automatically.

  3. Click Publish - the job post is live.

Congratulations, you’ve posted a job!

Try it yourself: Apply for the job

Imagine you’ve just spotted this excellent opportunity with Apple on a job board. Applying is simple!

  1. Find the job on your website
  2. Click 'Apply to this Job' or use the form
  3. Type in your name, email, covering letter and add a CV
  4. Press Submit Application

Try it yourself: See applicants

Return to the admin panel of your job board. You’ll see your listing live. Click the hyperlink in the ‘Applies’ column and you’ll see a list of applicants for your consideration.

Add a New Job Manually

Time to add some jobs!