Creating a Job Seeker Profile

Most visitors to your board will find it very easy to create a Job Seeker Profile. Feel free to copy this information and make any necessary adjustments to provide to Job Seekers that have questions about setting up an account on your site.

  1. Click Job Seekers in the top right of your job board.
  2. Choose Create your Profile.
  3. Fill out your information in the form. By default, E-mail Address and Password are the only fields required to register and create a profile. If you have any Custom Fields, the job seeker may be required to fill out these fields/questions depending on your settings.
  4. Click Create My Profile.
  5. Once your profile has been created, you'll optionally have the ability to fill out a complete profile with Skills, Work History, etc.
  6. By default, all profiles are Hidden. Click the Unhide Profile button so employers can find you!