Adding Youtube Videos

If you want to add a Youtube video to your sidebar or about page, its easy.

  1. Just click 'Site Config' then 'Site Text and Ads'.
  2. Go onto YouTube and copy the embed code
  3. For sidebar, paste this embed code where you would like the video to go
  4. For about and contact, click where you would like the video to go, and press the embed button.

You can even embed a whole playlist.

  1. Click Playlists on the left side of your YouTube page.
  2. Click the playlist title you'd like to embed.
  3. Click the Share link.
  4. Click the Embed link.
  5. Copy the embed code that appears in the menu below.
  6. Paste the code into your website, following the instructions above

Updated about a year ago

Adding Youtube Videos

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