Getting Paid with PayPal

1) Create a PayPal Business Account or sign in with your existing PayPal Business Account at

2) Click on “Dashboard” in the navigation menu, on the top right. Scroll down to REST API apps, then select 'Create App'

3) Enter the name of your App. We suggest you use the name of your Job Board.

4) From your App Details page, you’ll need to toggle to Live to get the “Client ID” and “Secret” credentials to paste into your admin panel.

Toggle to Live

Do not forget to toggle from Sandbox to Live. If you get the Client ID and Secret with Sandbox selected, you will not be able to process payments on your site. This will prevent employers from purchasing your products and posting jobs.

5) Login to your admin panel. Under E-Commerce > Settings scroll down to the PayPal heading. Paste your LIVE “Client ID” and “Secret” from step 4 into the corresponding fields in

7) Scroll up the page and select “PayPal” as your active payment provider.

8) Save the form.

That’s it! You are ready to go!

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Getting Paid with PayPal

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