Job Seeker Profile Settings

There are a number of additional settings for Job Seeker Profiles you may choose to enable. To do so, select Profiles in the Admin Panel, click the More drop down in the top left, then select Profiles Setup. Click Save to apply your settings after making any desired changes.

  • Enable Profiles: You aren't required to use Job Seeker Profiles if you don't wish to! Simply uncheck this box to disable Job Seeker Profiles.
  • Access Level: There are four Access Level settings available.
    • No access: Job Seekers can create profiles, but Employers will never have an option to gain access to your profile database. This option removes messaging related to the profile being hidden.
    • Closed: Employers must purchase a Profile Access product in order to view any profile information.
    • Searchable: Profiles are searchable, but Employers must purchase a Profile Access product to open a profile and view the details.
    • Open: Profiles are publicly available to be searched and viewed.
  • Registration Form Text: Customize the text that appears above the Profile registration form.
  • Welcome Email Text: Customize the body of your welcome e-mails that job seekers receive upon successfully registering to your board.
  • Require Profile Approval: Approval will be required before a Job Seeker's profile will be listed in your Profile Database. Job Seekers will also be restricted from applying to jobs until their profile is approved.
  • Approval Email Text: If you require Profile Approval, an e-mail will automatically be sent to Job Seekers once you approve their profile. You can customize the text in those approvals on this page.
  • CC Support on Registration: CC your support address on welcome e-mails sent to new employers. Be sure that a support e-mail address has been entered under Site Config -> Main.
  • Require Profile Login to Apply to Jobs: With this setting enabled, Job Seekers, will need to register and have an approved profile to apply for any jobs using the Apply by E-mail method.