XML Import Filters

Importing jobs through XML feeds is a great way to get a lot of job content for your site, but what happens if you don't want all of the jobs in a particular feed? We have a tool in place that will allow you to build filters so you can get the data you want. You will need to have the initial setup of the feed complete before the filters can be set up. If you haven't already completed that process, you can learn how here.


To set up a filter:

  1. Click Job Settings* in the side bar, and choose Auto Import**
  2. Click Edit on the feed you'd like to set your filter on
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and click Edit Filter (shown above).
  4. Add the items you'd like to filter (See below for details).
  5. Click Submit.
  6. To finalize the filter, click Save on the import setup.

There will be a few points to consider when setting up your filter:

  1. Match All or Match Any? If you choose Match All, only jobs that match every filter you've put in place will be imported. If you choose Match Any, jobs that match any one of the filters will be imported.
  2. Contains or Does Not Contain? If you choose Contains, we will only import matches for the filter value. If you choose Does Not Contain, matches for the value will be excluded.
  3. Choose which field you'd like to filter on. All importable values are available.
  4. Enter the value on which you're filtering. Please note, only one value should be entered. Lists should be split into separate rows. These values are case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize where necessary.
  5. Need to filter on Multiple Values? Click "Add Row".

In the example above, you can see that there are two filters in place:

  1. Contains | State | CA
  2. Does Not Contain | City | Santa Monica

The first filter tells us to only import jobs that Contain "CA" in the State field. The second tells us not to import a job if "Santa Monica" is listed in the City field. We want to Match All, so jobs will only be imported if the State is listed as CA but the City is not listed as Santa Monica.

Once you have the filter saved, be sure to go back and click the Preview button on your feed. The filter will apply to the preview, so this will allow you to be sure you have the correct jobs coming in.



If you'd like to write the code for the filter on your own, you still have the option to do so. Click the "Advanced" tab in the Filter Editor to do so. Filters can be created with the format below. Values in ALL CAPS should be replaced.

ROOT[contains(FIELD, 'VALUE')]

ROOT - Replace this with the value used in the 'Root' under custom fields. By default you would use job.
FIELD - Replace this with the field name you would like to filter on as it appears under Custom Fields.
VALUE - Replace this with the desired value

An example of a finished filter would look something like this:

job[contains(state, 'SC')]

The filter above would only post a job to your board if it's located in SC.

You can also filter based on multiple accepted values by separating qualifying values with an 'or'. See below for an example:

job[contains(state, 'SC') or contains(state, 'South Carolina') or contains(state, 'CA') or contains(state, 'California')]