Add MailChimp (Email Sign Ups)

Email lists are proven to be one of the most effective ways to monetize your job board. Being able to repeatedly & regularly reach an audience that has opted in to receive information and job listings from your brand is key to building trust and reach.

This form slides into view on a visitors second page view, and will re-appear after 30 days. You can control the header and body text from your admin panel making it easy to experiment with different copy to determine what is most effective for you.

All you need is an account with Mailchimp to get started. Once you have the account, follow the instructions below.

1) You'll need a MailChimp account with a subscriber list

2) Get your API key. Follow the video below for instructions

3) Return to Click on Site Config, then Integration, and scroll down to find MailChimp.

4) Copy in your API key from step 2, then select the list you would like to add subscribers to.

5) Complete the form with the details you would like to display. If you would like to prompt job applicants to join your newsletter, check the tick box.

Add MailChimp (Email Sign Ups)

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