Job Categories

You can use categories to organize your job postings into different groupings. They are completely optional. If setup, users will be able to choose which categories their job posting should belong to.

Creating New Job Categories

  1. Click Job Settings in the Left Hand Navigation Menu, and choose Categories.
  2. Click Create New Category.
  3. Type the Category Name. The Name is the only required information, but there are some optional fields to fill out if desired:
  • O*Net Code - The ONet Program is a taxonomy tool sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Begin typing the name of your Category to get a list of potentially relevant codes. Choose from the Dropdown. If you'd like more information about ONet, check out their website here.
  • SEO (Meta) Title/Description - Summarize the Category for indexing in search engines.
  • Description - Describe the Category for visitors. Each category will have a dedicated landing page that includes this description and any jobs entered under that category.
  1. Press Save when you've entered all desired information.



For convenience, all Categories are automatically organized in Alphabetical order.

Category Landing Pages

Job Categories will automatically have a landing page generated by the system. The Page will include your Category Name, description, and list of jobs on your site that have been placed in that category. If you're using Backfill, we'll also add Backfill jobs using the category name as the search. This ensures that your job seekers will get relevant jobs even if you have underutilized categories on your site.

Get the URL###

If you want to share a category's page or publish the link on your site, you'll want to get the page's URL.

  1. Click Job Settings in the Left Hand Navigation Menu, and choose Categories.
  2. Click Edit on the desired category.
  3. Click View in the upper right corner.
  4. You'll now be on the categories landing page. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

Add Categories to your Homepage###

  1. Click Site Config in the Left Hand Navigation Menu.
  2. Choose the Themes & Customization tab.
  3. Click Edit Homepage Layout.
  4. Determine which section you'd like to add the Category List to, and click the appropriate Add Widget button.
  5. Choose Category List Widget from the dropdown.
  6. If Desired, add Header Text to the widget. Something simple, like "Job Categories", would be informative for visitors to your site.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If desired, Click and Drag the Category list widget to change it's location.

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Job Categories

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