About Job Seeker Profiles

As a job board owner, you know that searching through hundreds of resumes is not the most effective way for recruiters or employers to find the perfect candidate. Even if the candidate is perfect, resumes can have variable formatting, missing information or out-of-date contact information.


JobBoard.io solves this problem with Candidate Profiles. Job seekers can register with your job board and create an online candidate profile in just a few minutes using their e-mail address. Optionally, we also offer a Single Sign On integration with LinkedIn. Read our how-to doc here to learn more!

Once a job seeker is registered, they will have a profile on your job board, listing key experience, qualifications and contact information in a standardized, searchable format. Job seekers can enable and disable their profiles based upon their job searching activity, ensuring you only have active candidates.

By using JobBoard.io Candidate Profiles:

  • Candidates can be searched based upon keywords in any section of their profile.
  • Candidates can apply instantly for new jobs on your job board.
  • Employers can find candidates through your job board.
  • You’ll be able to search and view information on all registered candidates – ideal for offering executive search services.