Using Job Alerts By Email

With Job Alerts, users can sign up to receive email notifications when jobs are published that meet their criteria, driving them back to the site and increasing engagement with your brand.

The Job Alerts sign up form is presented in a variety of areas on your site, with settings available to include popups to drive additional registrations.

If there are new Jobs published that meet the job seeker's criteria, a Job Alert will be sent in the early morning with relevant content.

The Job Alerts Email

The below example shows what the alerts e-mail will look like by default. Alerts will use your site logo rather than the logo shown.


Managing Job Alerts

You'll be able to review your subscribers under the Job Alerts link in your admin panel.

  • To review a subscribers alerts criteria, click their email address.
  • To see a snapshot of what jobs are eligible to be sent to a subscriber in the next set of alerts, click the Preview button.
  • If a subscriber requests you remove them from your alerts, click the Delete button next to the email address. It is possible an individual may have subscribed multiple times, so be sure to remove all alerts tied to their email address.

Edit Email Text

You'll be able to set a custom email subject and introduction text for your job alerts if desired.

To edit the job alert text:

  1. Click Job Alerts in your admin panel.
  2. Open the More drop down, and select Job Alerts Setup.
  3. Add a custom Email Subject and/or Email Introduction Text as desired.
  4. Click Save and Send Preview to commit your changes and receive a test alert email. Review the changes, and make further adjustments if needed.

Sign-up Settings

You'll have to option to add the Job Alert sign up to some additional areas beyond the home page widget. To enable these options:

  1. Click Job Alerts in your admin panel.
  2. Open the More drop down, and select Job Alerts Setup.
  3. To add an Alert Sign up to the Job Apply Form, check the box for Enable Job Alerts Sign Up.
  • When a job seeker reaches the Job Apply form, the opt in for alerts will NOT be checked based on the default settings. If you'd like to have job seekers opted in by default when applying to jobs, enable the Checked by Default setting.
  1. To enable Popup Modals for sign ups, enable the Job Details Landing Popup and/or the External Apply Popup.
  • Job Details Landing Popup: If this option is enabled, job seeker will see a registration pop-up when they land on a Job Details page when coming from an external site. This can be a great way to drive signups if you're distributing your jobs to 3rd parties.
  • External Apply Popup: If this option is enabled, job seekers will get a registration pop-up when clicking the apply button on jobs that use Apply by URL option and direct to an external site. This is a great way to extract additional value from the apply before the job seeker is directed off of your site.
  • Hide No Thanks Button: By default there will be a No Thanks button on these popups so that job seekers can easily move on if they aren't interested. If you'd like to remove this button, this setting is available. Job seekers can still move on by clicking the available X or clicking outside of the pop up.