Monetize your Job Seeker Profiles & Database

To Monetize Candidate Profiles, be sure that your Profile Access level has been set to either Searchable or Closed:

  • Searchable: Profiles are searchable, but employers must purchase access to view profile details.
  • Closed: Profiles are not searchable or viewable by employers unless payment has been made.

To change this setup, visit your admin panel, click Profiles, open the More Dropdown, then choose Profiles Setup. Read more about Profiles Settings here.


In order to charge for Profile Access you'll also need to be sure to create Profile Access product. We cover Products in more detail here.

With the proper Access level in place and at least one Profile Access product in place, you're ready to start charging for access! Individuals who attempt to access your Profile Database will be presented with a screen asking them to login to their previously authorized Employer Account, or to purchase a Product that includes Profile Database Access: