Embed Jobs Feed into an Existing Website via RSS

If you've got an existing website, blog or other platform alongside your JobBoard.io website, a great way to drive traffic to your job board is to embed your jobs via RSS.

You can use the RSS Feed Widget generator on available on FeedWind for free.

  1. On your JobBoard.io website admin page, click Syndication in the sidebar
  2. Copy the RSS / Atom Feed. For example: http://www.yourdomain.com/jobs.atom
  3. Visit the FeedWind website
  4. Paste your Atom feed URL into the Feed URL field and click 'Add Feed'
  5. Customize the options available on the page to fit your existing website. You can modify color, width, widget title and more.
  6. A preview will appear on the right hand side of the FeedWind website, listing your recent job postings.
  7. Below the preview, you'll see some code.
  8. Select this code and copy and paste it into your existing website

You can embed just featured jobs by adding ?featured=true to the XML feed address. For example http://www.rorjobs.com/feed.xml?featured=true

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Embed Jobs Feed into an Existing Website via RSS

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