Lesson 2: Branding & Customization

Make it your own.

A key part of building an excellent job board is to have a clear brand. JobBoard.io provides both simple and advanced branding options for more extensively branding your job board. Simple changes are done via the site config or drag-and-drop editor to change the header, theme, text and name of your job board.

JobBoard.io also includes the ability to add Custom CSS, HTML and even JavaScript to customize your job board to fit your brand needs (to make it look like your company or community web site, for example).

You can simply change your job board name as it appears to your visitors, add your own logo to the header, and change the default colors. These changes work on both computers and mobile devices automatically.

Add a Logo

Start by pressing 'Site Config' on the left-hand navigation bar.

In the 'Main' section of the site config you can change your site name, add a description, logo and many other details. To make the job board your own, change:

Custom Domain and Other Options

Don't change these for now. We'll cover this in Lesson 6: Advanced.

Change Homepage Layout and Add Widgets

With a simple drag & drop you can customize your job board. By re-ordering, editing or adding new widgets, you can customize your JobBoard.io homepage to match your brand and vision.

The following widgets are available:

  • Backfill Widget - Display your selected backfill jobs
  • Button Widget - Add a custom button, pointing to a page or custom web address
  • Category List Widget - Display a list of categories
  • Job Alert Widget - Display the job alert sign-up form
  • Job List Widget - Display your job posts, or just featured jobs
  • Search/Banner Widget - Display the search form and express your brand identify with a customizable background, title and subtitle.
  • Text Widget - Display custom text or HTML code in the sidebar, main column or across the full-width of your job board

Each of these widgets can be duplicated and placed in a full-width column, main column or sidebar.

To add a widget, click 'Add Widget'. To modify, click the 'Edit' button on the widget.

Change Navigation Style

You may also modify the appearance of the navigation bar and add additional items.

To pick a look for your navigation bar, click Site Config, then Themes. The following options are available:

  • Slim: Your logo is displayed to the left of the menu
  • Centered Logo: Your logo is displayed above a center aligned navigation
  • Stacked: Your logo is displayed above the navigation
  • Adjacent: Your logo is displayed adjacent of the menu

Add Navigation Items

  1. On the admin page, click 'Navigation Menu' in the left-hand sidebar
  2. Click 'Create New Nav Item'
  3. Create a Nav Item for every link you wish to appear in the navigation bar, selecting from the JobBoard.io System Pages, your Custom Pages or create a custom link to an external URL.
  4. You can drag and drop the rows to reorder your navigation items
  5. These links will replace all the default links and appear on your job board immediately.

What's Next

Once you've got your branding perfect, click the button below to head to the next lesson. We'll be covering adding jobs to your new job board and managing applicants - essential to running a successful job board.

Lesson 3: Jobs & Applicants

Lesson 2: Branding & Customization

Make it your own.