Branding and Customization Options

Make it your own.

A key part of building an excellent job board is to have a clear brand. provides both simple and advanced branding options for more extensively branding your job board. Simple changes are done via the site config or drag-and-drop editor to change the header, theme, text and name of your job board. also includes the ability to add Custom CSS, HTML and even JavaScript to customize your job board to fit your brand needs (to make it look like your company or community web site, for example).

You can simply change your job board name as it appears to your visitors, add your own logo to the header, and change the default colors. These changes work on both computers and mobile devices automatically.

Follow the video above or the follow the links to step-by-step tutorials below.

Start by pressing 'Site Config' on the left-hand navigation bar.

In the 'Main' section of Site Config you can change your site name, add a description, logo and many other details. To make the job board your own, change:

  • Site Name - Learn how to edit it here.
  • Site Description - This is what Google displays in search listings - Learn how to edit it here.
  • Site Logo - Learn how here.
  • Support Email - Notifications about your site will be sent to this address. We'll also use this address as the sender on e-mails sent from us to your visitors.
  • CC Support - Enable this option to have all job post verifications sent to your support address. This is convenient if you also require approval.
  • Business Address - We'll use this when we need to display an address; receipts, invoices, etc.
  • Twitter Account - Insert your site's Twitter handle here. Use the Navigation Menu Setup to add this twitter account to your Nav Bar.
  • Site Language - You'll want to be sure your target audience can read the site. Choose your language from the drop down. Find out what languages we support here.
  • API Keys - Enterprise level customers have access to the API. You can Manage and retrieve API keys here.

You'll find Job related settings under Job Settings -> Rules. You'll want to review these to get the board working the way you need it to.

  • Default Job Listing Duration - The Default time in days that a job will be live on your site. Products configured for a different duration will override the default.
  • Require Approval - This means you must verify every new job post. Learn how to enable it here.
  • Max # Categories - If you've created categories, use this field to limit the number that can be selected when posting a job.
  • Enable Salary Field - Allow employers to share salary information on their job listings. This information is very important to job seekers, so we recommend allowing this in most cases.
  • For English Language boards, we offer an extensive list of Job Title suggestions to help your employers set an appropriate title for their job opening.
  • Enable Reference # Field - Enables a field for Employers to enter reference numbers for their jobs.
  • Resumes Optional on Apply - Allows you to make resumes optional for applicants. If you work with a lot of employers that don't require a resume this may be beneficial.

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Branding and Customization Options

Make it your own.

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