Use the API to create a single job

API requests are made via HTTPS using your account’s unique API key. Each request must be authenticated by including this API key in the request header as X-Api-Key. You can find your API token in Site Config.

The request header must contain your X-Api-Key, available in Site Config. Each request header must also contain "Content-Type: application/json".

The request body must contain:

Request KeyRequest Value ExampleRequired?
apply_url have an apply method (apply_url or apply_email)
apply_email[email protected]Must have an apply method (apply_url or apply_email)
descriptionWe are building a new platform for linking virtual content to locations.

We use QR codes, low energy bluetooth, and other hardware.

Join our team today!
contact_email[email protected]Yes. Please note if missing the error response will be "purchaser_email" can't be blank.
publishedtrue or falseYes
featuredtrue or falseYes
job_typeAccepts String Values of Job Type - For example: "Full Time", "Part Time"No

Successful POST Response Example

  "message": "Job created successfully.",

Unsuccessful POST Response Example

When purchase email, nor apply method was correctly specified.

  "message": {
    "purchaser_email": [
      "can't be blank"
    "base": [
      "You must provide an apply method."