The API allows developers to create applications that can get or post jobs to your job board.


Enterprise Plan

The API is available on the Enterprise plan and allows developers to create applications that can create and/or access certain site resources on your site.

To upgrade, contact us.

Getting Started

To assist with getting to know the API, we recommend using a command line tool such as cURL. cURL comes pre-installed on Mac OS X and most Linux distributions and can be downloaded for Windows from the curl website. Please check that your cURL installation supports HTTPS.

We’ll use cURL throughout the examples below.

The API is implemented as JSON over HTTPS using RESTful commands – GET, POST, DELETE or PATCH.


API requests are made via HTTPS using your account’s unique API key. Each request must be authenticated by including this API key in the request header as X-Api-Key. You can find your API token in Site Config.


Sharing your API key

Treat your API key as you would a password. If you believe your API key has been disclosed to an unauthorized third party, press the 'refresh' button to get a new key. Applications which use the existing API key will no longer be able to access the API.

Reading from the API (GET)

By using a GET request, you can retrieve information about jobs posted to your account. Please ensure is replaced with your URL.

curl -v GET \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \

Writing to the API (POST)

By using a POST request, you can post jobs directly to your account. Ensure is replaced with your URL.

curl -v POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -D "title:Developer" \
  -D "" \
  -D "apply_email:[email protected]" \
  -D "description:Insert Description Here" \
  -D "company_url:" \
  -D "published:true" \
  -D "featured:true" \

The request header must contain your X-Api-Key and "Content-Type: application/json"

The request body must contain:

Request KeyRequest Value ExampleRequired?
apply_url have an apply method (apply_url or apply_email)
apply_email[email protected]Must have an apply method (apply_url or apply_email)
descriptionWe are building a new platform for linking virtual content to locations.

We use QR codes, low energy bluetooth, and other hardware.

Join our team today!
publishedtrue or falseYes
featuredtrue or falseYes

Unsuccessful POST Response Example

When purchase email, nor apply method was correctly specified.

  "message": {
    "purchaser_email": [
      "can't be blank"
    "base": [
      "You must provide an apply method."


When an API request succeeds the response header will include an HTTP status of 200 (or 201 where a new record is created). All other HTTP status codes indicate that there has been an error with the request.

HTTP StatusDefinition
401Unauthorized - Check X-Api-Key is present in your request header.
404Not Found
422Client Error - Check your response body for specific details as to missing or invalid fields